5 Creative ways to reuse your old jeans


Everyone loves jeans, whether skirts or pants, especially old ones. They’ve been with you through thick and thin, and you’re always hesitant to discard them. So you keep stacking them.

The good news is that you can reuse them. You would just improve their utility by transforming them into other FUNctional alternatives.

Slim fit your baggy jeans

The baggy jeans fad has passed, and fitting jeans are currently fashionable. Get those baggy pants and slim-fit them, and you’ll have a new pair of jeans in minutes.

Creative Ways to Reuse Your Old Jeans

Jeans Bracelet

Those who enjoy stacking bracelets on their wrists can now add a denim bracelet to their collection. Cut the ends of your old jeans and embellish them with patterns, beading, or flower designs. Add a hook or button, and you’re ready to go.

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5 Creative Ways to Reuse Your Old Jeans

Throw Pillows

Make throw pillow coverings out of discarded trousers to give your chairs an edgy vibe. Cut out portions of the jeans and stitch them together to make a wrap. You could even leave pockets on them for future use.

5 Creative Ways to Reuse Your Old Jeans

Gadget Case

Take measurements of your IPAD’s width and length. Line the intended denim fabric with thick flannel and stitch together to make a purse for your IPAD and other valuables.


5 Creative Ways to Reuse Your Old Jeans

Aprons are a great way to reuse your denim.