5 Investments with N100,000 Capital in Nigeria


Investment in any form of capital in Nigeria requires patience and due diligence in the industry you want to operate. Many prospective small and medium-scale entrepreneurs are often swamped with various business ideas when it comes to investment. Still, the trick to this problem is knowing which one works for you and suits the environment you want to operate.

What are the things to consider before investment?

In Nigeria, market competition is fierce regardless of your level of operation. Given this, there are a few things you should consider before venturing into any business.

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  • What is your passion? – You are to consider what you love doing the most that inspires you as much as brings you joy before investing in any capital. There will be ups and downs during the lifespan of your business, but it’s your passion that will help you persevere.
  • Location of the business – this is where you consider the environment you will be operating from. Carrying out proper due diligence on the area is very crucial, and every detail is essential. From security risks to the risk of flooding – no risk can be overlooked
  • Set yourself up for success by having a mission and vision objective. Let them guide your mode of operation, and as time goes on, it will become an imbibed culture. You can also set short-term goals that can serve as low-hanging fruits and measure the performance of the business.
  • This may sound awkward. Having a good exit plan is also a reasonable consideration. It helps you focus and prepare for the worse. In the event of the business collapsing, it is better to bow out of the business than to lose out.
  • You also need to determine how much of a risk-taker are you. This will help shape your investment decision.

You have been able to raise N100,000, and you are faced with the challenge of what business venture you can invest in All it takes is a combination of diligence, hard work, consistency and superb customer relationship management to turn your N100,000 into millions.

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List of 5 investment opportunities with N100,000 capital in Nigeria:

Here is a list of the top 5 investment opportunities with N100,00 capital in Nigeria:

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1. Grilling Business (Suya, Barbeque, Goat Meat (asun), Shawarma, etc.)

Basically, with a suitable location, the grilling business can make you a lot of money. All you need is a stall and a grilling machine to start.

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2. Football Viewing Center

An average Nigerian man is a football fan. Football is better enjoyed with a group of friends. With a viewing centre, all you will need is a television, cable tv subscription and generator to start the business. As the business grows, you can expand to having big flat-screen TV sets as well as adding a grilling business in the mix to make your business more attractive.

3. Catering or Food Restaurant – Online and Offline point of sales with delivery options

Regardless of the fluctuation of the economy or agricultural produce, everyone eats. This makes the food business an excellent business idea. When you offer your food restaurant services to customers at home when they order from the comfort of their chair. It makes the business grow.


4. Sale of phone accessories

Basically, the world is going mobile, and almost everyone you know uses a mobile phone. This means there is a potential market for phone accessories, even within the people you know. Phone accessories like batteries, earphones, headphones, memory cards, and other devices are excellent products to start with. You can partner with an outlet like the Samsung online store Nigeria.

5. Digital Training – Web, graphics, and digital marketing

Everything is going digital, and it has become so important to arm yourself with a digital skill. You can be a certified expert in any field of digital marketing and become gainfully self-employed. Learning the right skill and monetizing it can be your ticket to financial freedom.


Remember that these business ideas have business risks associated with them. Given this, you are strongly advised to carry out enough market research on government legislation, industry operation, association legislation etc. before investing your capital in any business venture.

This will reduce your risk exposure and save you a lot of money from crisis management.

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