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Angela Okorie Reveals Major Thing Fame Took Away From Her

Nollywood actress and singer, Angela Okorie has revealed in a recent interview the price she paid for fame.

The 46-year-old actress has revealed that she missed her regular, normal life due to stardom.

“I no longer live my normal life as a celebrity. I can no longer go on the streets to get whatever I want or do whatever I want to do. Fame has changed a lot of things about me. It has also helped me to stay on my own and mind my business,” she said in a recent interview.

Angela Okorie also maintained that she does not give room for trolls to disturb her. She said, “Whenever trolls pick on me, I pick on them back. Anything I do not want, I just handle it; and anything I do not want around me, I move it away from me.”

Responding to those who have the opinion that her adverts for beauty products are false because she is naturally light-skinned, she said, “The skincare products I am advertising right now are the ones I am using. That is why I am doing an advert for them.”

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Angela Okorie as quoted by Kemi Filani also spoke about her current projects, “I have been focused on my career. I am about to release a song soon and I will be featuring a Ghanaian artiste. For the past three years, I had opportunities to feature in many movies but I wanted to concentrate on my music career because a lot of people don’t know that I sing.

“I started my career as a model. From there, I switched to acting, then music. I have lots of talents and some people don’t have that. As an entertainer, my biggest achievement is getting to this point of my career. I am doing well where I am now and that is all that matters.”


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