Bishop Oyedepo issues crucial message to ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ enterprises


The founder of the Living Faith Church, widely known as Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo, issued a stern warning to internet fraudsters, commonly referred to as ‘Yahoo Boys’, asserting that their chosen path leads only to bitterness and ruin.

Oyedepo delivered this warning during a sermon on Sunday, April 28th.


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As Tribune quoted, the Christian cleric said, “Nobody playing games has a future in the kingdom. Hear this and hear it forever. If that is your trade, stop it.

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“Yahoo Yahoo business, stop it. Grabbing people’s ATM card details, stop it! You are on a very fast lane that always ends in bitterness and destruction.

“There is the law to mind. The law of sowing and reaping. The law of seedtime and harvest. The law of giving and receiving that is the law.



“Engage with that law cheerfully. Engage with that law willingly. Engage with that law tirelessly and watch how you begin to lay up gold with time.”

In Nigeria, “Yahoo Yahoo” has become synonymous with internet fraud. Still, its origins trace back to the early 2000s when Nigerian youth started engaging in online scams, primarily using Yahoo! email accounts.

The term “Yahoo Yahoo” itself derives from the famous internet company.

Initially, scammers used email phishing and advance-fee fraud schemes to deceive unsuspecting victims into sending money. As technology evolved, so did their methods, with scammers now employing more sophisticated tactics like identity theft, hacking, and business email compromise.


The rise of ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ culture in Nigeria has been fueled by socioeconomic factors such as high unemployment rates and a lack of economic opportunities.


These circumstances and the allure of quick wealth have led many to resort to cybercrime.


Despite efforts by law enforcement agencies to curb this, ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ remains prevalent, albeit with increasing awareness of its consequences and the push for legitimate means of earning a living.

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