“Everywhere I go, dem dey call me olosho” ex president of oloshos, Mandy Kiss cries out


Popular influencer Mandy Kiss recently shared her concerns about the challenges she faces due to being labeled as an “Olosho,” a word often associated with prostitution. Mandy kiss is also famous for previously calling herself the “President of all Oloshos”.

In a recent interview on ‘The Honest Bunch Podcast’ hosted by actor Nedu, Mandy Kiss opened up about the impact of this name tag on her life.

Mandy Kiss, during the podcast discussion, expressed her frustration at constantly being referred to as an “Olosho” wherever she goes. She believes that this reputation is making it challenging for her to find true love.

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“It has not been easy for me [regarding finding true love]. I have suffered a lot. I just want happiness. I just want someone who will love me. But with my money and body, I’m still getting dumped,” she revealed during the conversation.

Mandy Kiss went on to share her experiences with potential suitors who would show interest in her life, but their attitudes would change after intimacy. She described a pattern where they would call and talk with her, but after becoming physically involved, they would leave.

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“They [suitors] will come and I will think I have found true love. They will call me always, we will talk at night. But once they sleep with me, they leave,”

The influencer’s confession was also one that resonated with many people who have faced similar challenges. Mandy kiss also explains how name calling and societal judgement passed can greatly in impact a person emotionally.


In addition to her concerns about finding love, Mandy Kiss also opened up about her past actions, admitting that she had made mistakes and once slept with someone’s boyfriend.

Her honesty on the podcast allowed her to address her past actions and confront her desire for happiness and love in the present.

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