“Finding true love is harder than keeping it” – Yetunde Bakare


Popular Nollywood thespian, Yetunde Bakare has opined that It’s harder to retain real love after you discover it than to find it in the first place.


In a recent interview with Punch Saturday Beats, she discussed this and gave her views.

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She claimed that individuals frequently determine their current relationships in light of their prior experiences, and when anything negative occurs, they quickly retreat in order to maintain their mental stability.

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In her words,

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“Finding true love is harder than keeping it. It is more complicated nowadays, because a lot of people have had bad experiences and they tend to withdraw easily in order to protect their peace and sanity.



I believe one needs to love, value and discover oneself before thinking of a healthy relationship.”


Speaking on people equating fame to happiness, she stated that it was not true because the rich also cry.


She said;


“That is not totally true, because the rich also cry. If one is a people pleaser, one will have a lot of breakdowns keeping up with fame.


When one is famous, the expectations from the public will be on the high side. People will hardly understand that one is human too.”

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