I caught my husband having sex with my mum – woman cries out


A married woman has shared her problem with the internet community in a bid to find solution to her marital woes.

She wrote to DEIDRE: “The worst thing imaginable has happened – I caught my husband having sex with my mum.I still can’t believe what I saw.

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“I’m a woman of 31 and I have a little boy of five. My mother is 49.

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“I was the result of a one-night stand and I’ve never know.

“For years it was just me and her. She had a few different boyfriends and nobody special until she met my stepfather when I was 15.

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“He’s lovely. He’s 55.

“I’ve been with my husband for seven years. He’s 38.


“We married four years ago and had such a ­fantastic wedding day I thought nothing would rock our world.

“I’m a nurse so I often work nights and mum regularly helps with the childcare.

“I had always felt so lucky that my mum and husband got on so well and never suspected a thing.

“He had always been pretty flirty with her, but I just thought he was being silly to make her feel good. I didn’t mind a bit.

“But thinking back she was often still at home, even after my husband had returned and there was no need.

“One night, I began to feel feverish and started being sick so my manager insisted I go home.

“When I went around the back of the house, through a crack in the curtains I saw my husband lying on top of my mother.”


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