‘I’ll turn down any s3x role regardless of the enticing money offered’ – Stella Charles


Stella Charles is a beauty queen with many talents. She is a three-time former beauty queen, TV host, and an actress.

However, not many are aware that despite her social status, that Charles was also a victim of domestic violence.

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Speaking on how she reacted when she was recently presented with a script which is relative to her true life experience, the Anambra state born script Interpreter said, “I have been victim of domestic violence in the past, so when I got script for the movie Prey- Dator, I literally kept crying! At some point, I felt I was reading my story but in a more twisted way. I gave my all in this story and I want the world both men and women to watch and learn truly from this.”

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Stella Charles further advised other women out there, “As a human being you must know who you are in order not to be under the shoes of others. The moment I experienced it? I took actions immediately and taught him that “No man has the right to ever lay his hands on a woman like me”. For other ladies out there, never ever ever let a man hit you. Immediately he shows that attitude? If you can not fight him then leave. No matter how much love you already feel for that person. Find you. Choose you. Love yourself so much more than everything you see. Cherish yourself. Do not wait till the second experience because you think he might change, no matter how wrong you are, no man breathing and living has that right to hit you.”

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The political science graduate also noted that she’s not ready to expose her body in movies, regardless of the enticing pay.

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Stella Charles said: “I will definitely turn down a sex role for any amount of money. There’s so much going on in the world, sex is not my message to the world. I am different. It is so clear!”

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