Information Minister Launches NOA’s App, Mobiliser to Enhance Public Sector Communication


In a bid to boost public sector communication and engagement in Nigeria, the Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, officially unveiled the NOA’s Mobiliser app and the Explainer newsletter.


The launch, announced by Paul Odenyi, Deputy Director of Press, marks a significant step towards restoring trust in governmental communication channels.

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Addressing journalists, social media influencers, and media managers during an iftar meeting held at the Amani Event Center in Kano, Minister Idris emphasized the importance of the Mobiliser app in facilitating dialogue between the government and citizens. He commended the National Orientation Agency for its commitment to innovation and urged Nigerians, particularly the youth demographic, to utilize the app to engage with government initiatives effectively.

Mallam Lanre Issa-Onilu, Director General of the National Orientation Agency, provided an extensive overview of the Mobiliser app, highlighting its features aimed at enhancing citizen participation. He underscored the significance of the ‘Say Something’ tool for intelligence gathering and anonymous reporting, emphasizing its role in addressing crime and insurgency nationwide.

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Among its features, the Mobiliser app includes a Newsfeed for verified updates, a Quiz section offering educational games and rewards, and an Entries feature for citizens to engage with government agencies. Additionally, the Explainer newsletter, distributed virtually every Friday, aims to frame public sector conversations within the context of government objectives.

The launch of the Mobiliser app and Explainer newsletter signals the government’s commitment to leveraging digital platforms to foster transparency and citizen engagement, ultimately enhancing governance in Nigeria.

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