Let’s Be Honest With Ourselves And Change The Misleading Narrative By Tola Adeniyi


It is certainly obvious that we are not all being sincere with ourselves as regards the current narrative on the conundrum currently choking the Nigerian space.

People are glibly talking of secession, banditry, militia explosion, terrorism and intolerance in the land.

Whereas these items are mere symptoms, those parading the narratives are cleverly leaving out the core issues.

*There is no threat of secession.*

When you have four or five major components of a six-structure country calling for separate autonomy, that situation has gone beyond secession. It is a call for *dissolution* of a union.

The second item which is disingenuously called banditry and allied armed insurgencies, is actually *a drive for subjugation, *annihilation, conquest and total occupation of an existing political landscape by one of the nationalities in the land,* and in Nigeria’s peculiar situation, it  is an ethnic block that has been very vocal in their claim that the entire Nigeria country belongs to them and was given to them by God to occupy, to the exclusion of others or at the most benign, to be shared in a ratio of master-servant format.

What is causing tension in Nigeria is *not those who are resisting colonialism but the provocateurs* who are disturbing the peace and well-being of other owners of the commonwealth.

It is thus unfair to be blaming victims of a programmed agenda to dislodge them from their ancestral lands through undisguised ethnic cleansing which is fast assuming the alarming status of pogrom.

Those who are asking that Nigeria should toe the example of the Scandinavian countries, the example of United Arab Emirates, and the example of civilized peaceful European Confederations, and of the loose federations of the US and Canada cannot be blamed or accused of fomenting trouble while those who are creating national stampede are being pampered and encouraged.

The truth must be told and that is that the kind of wicked displacement of the Celts by the Anglo-Saxons in the ancient times or the near-extirpation of the Asiatic peoples of North America and Australia, and the annihilation of the Aborigines of New Zealand cannot be allowed to happen here on our soil in 21st Century.

This is what is hitting up the polity. This is the canon of the narrative.

The English people committed brutal ethnic cleansing in North America and took over the entire land.

The English committed brutal ethnic cleansing in Australia and New Zealand and occupied the lands and made the places their own.

The Spanish did the same in Peru, wiped out the natives, killed their King…Atawaulpa..

The Fulani conquered the 7 Hausa Kingdoms, killed their kings, and established the Caliphate and emirates.

Now a more ferocious Jihad is on to take over the whole of Nigeria and establish Caliphates and Emirates.

The victims that are resisting the bloody onslaught are being called names…

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Akogun Tola Adeniyi,fnge, former Chairman MD Daily Times Conglomerate and National President League of Nigerian Columnists.



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