Love Yourself, Babe! 5 Simple Ways to Make You Smile


Love is like a special language, and we all have our own way of saying and feeling it. Sometimes, we use this language to show love to our family and friends. But did you know, you can use it to make yourself happy too? That’s called “self-love,” and it’s super important.

Here are five easy ways to make yourself happy:

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1. Nice Words for You

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Imagine waking up and hearing nice words like “You’re great,” “You’re loved,” and “You can do it!” These words make you feel good. You can say them to yourself every day, like a little chant. You can also write down good things that happen to you in a special book.

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2. Fun Time with You

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Sometimes, it’s fun to spend time just with yourself. You can do things you love, like reading a book, taking a bath with lots of bubbles, or going for a walk along the road. This time is just for you, no one else.

3. Helping You


You can also be nice to yourself by doing things that help you. Maybe you can cook your favourite meal or clean up your teadybears. Taking care of yourself is like giving yourself a special treat.

4. Gentle Touches for You

Think about how good it feels when someone gives you a gentle hug or a pat on the back. You can do that to yourself too! You can give yourself a little hug or rub your own shoulders. It makes you feel cosy.

5. Gifts from You to You

Sometimes, you can give yourself little presents. It’s not about big, expensive stuff. It’s about little things that make you happy. You can buy a flower, a new storybook, or a shiny sticker. These things show that you love yourself.

Loving yourself is like having a superpower. It makes you feel strong and happy inside. And guess what? When you love yourself, you can share that love with others too! So, remember to be kind to yourself and keep smiling.

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