Men rush to get vasectomies after Roe v Wade is overturned in the US


One Florida urologist known as the ‘Vasectomy King’ says men are rushing to get the procedure in light of the overturn of Roe v. Wade.

Since the overturn of the 1973 case that guaranteed a right to abortion on June 24, Dr. Doug Stein has received 12 to 18 requests for vasectomies per day, in comparison to a previous four or five requests, he told The Washington Post.

‘It was very noticeable Friday, and then the number that came in over the weekend was huge and the number that is still coming in far exceeds what we have experienced in the past,’ Stein said.

He added, ‘many of the guys are saying that they have been thinking about a vasectomy for a while, and the Roe v. Wade decision was just that final factor that tipped them over the edge and made them submit the online registration.’

As men come flooding in for the procedure, Stein has found himself booked through the end of August. To accommodate the demand, he has opened more appointments.

Stein’s colleague, Dr. John Curington, echoed that the overturn of Roe v. Wade has resulted in men, specifically under the age of 30, requesting the procedure more than before.

‘I’d say at least 60 to 70 percent are mentioning the Supreme Court decision,’ Curington told The Washington Post.

The 6-3 ruling allowed for all 50 states to determine their own abortion laws – with some choosing the ban the procedure.

Florida was one state that planned on halting abortions after the 15-week limit. The state abortion limit was temporarily barred by a judge on June 30, but could still come into effect.

Thomas Figueroa, 27, knew that he never wanted children, when he finally decided to see Stein following the Supreme Court ruling.

Figueroa, a Florida resident, scheduled his appointment for a vasectomy on Monday after pondering the possibility for a few years.

‘It is something I put on the back-burner of my mind until very recently, when the Supreme Court decision happened,’ Figueroa told The Washington Post. ‘That was basically the triggering factor right there. It pushed my mind to say: “Okay, I really do not want children. I’m going to get this vasectomy now.”‘

Eric Nisi, 29, also thought about the option of a vasectomy for years before the Supreme Court decision prompted him to finally pull the trigger on Tuesday, he told The Washington Post.

Nisi rushed to do the procedure after worrying birth control might become limited or restricted in Florida for his girlfriend Amanda Omelian, 33, who is currently on two types of birth control.

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