Naja`atu Muhammad Opens Up More On Tinubu, Wife- Reveals Buhari’s Link


The erstwhile director of civil societies of the All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign Council (PCC), Naja`atu Muhammad on Wednesday opened up more on why it would be crazy for anyone to consider voting for the APC presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu in next month’s presidential election.

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According to her, doing so would be a continuation of what she claimed as the “woeful” stewardship of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Speaking on AIT’s Kakaaki programme on Wednesday, Naja’atu said that Remi Tinubu and a few hangers-on around the APC candidate would be the de facto rulers of Nigeria should the APC presidential candidate win the 2023 presidential election.

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Reiterating her claim that her two-hour interaction with Tinubu in London revealed what she claimed as his physical and mental incapacities, she said that it would be crazy for anyone to sustain the woeful stewardship of President Buhari through Tinubu simply because it was “his turn” to be president.

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She dismissed insinuations that she resigned from her position or was sacked, saying, “I have never in my life done anything for money. I am a businesswoman. I don’t do politics for the sake of politics. I was born into a political family. My father was NEPU, my husband was killed, and assassinated because of his views. I have been poisoned. I was seven months in Germany to have reconstructive surgery. I went to prison twice because of what I believe in. I can’t waste my time here.”

She said she wrote her letter of resignation more than a month ago but was held back by one of her political mentors.

Sustaining her claims on the mental and physical incapacities of the APC presidential candidate, she said: “They go to rallies and Asiwaju cannot even decipher. I sat with him for two hours, and most of the time he was sleeping. You ask him questions on this and he is talking completely differently from what you are discussing. So, how on earth? What is wrong with Nigerians?

“Somebody told me that I was trying to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea. So, I said I had rather go with the deep sea. If Allah helps me, I will be like Jonah.  Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the fish and God Almighty delivered him, He will deliver me.

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“But in this case, there is no winning with the devil and in this case, Asiwaju is the devil, there is no winning.

“You cannot relate with a person that has lost it upstairs. If he is physically unfit and mentally okay, we can manage. At least, you know you can hold him accountable. But in this case, you know that those hangers-on are only pushing him knowing that they will be the beneficiaries. He is just there like an idol. His wife will be doing the ruling. She would rule over the country and the other hangers-on.

“They even hate Asiwaju as far as I am concerned because you cannot put somebody that is ill mentally into a position of leadership. This thing will come back and consume every one of us,” she said.

Naja`atu Muhammad who also expressed her disappointment with the Buhari administration said that it was untenable for Tinubu to want to continue where the outgoing administration would stop.

“Buhari cannot swathe a fly. He pretends as if he doesn’t know. Buhari is such a weakling or pretends to be such a weakling because when it serves his personal progress then you will see him taking a position. But quite honestly, he has woefully failed this country, he has woefully failed us up North.

“So, when Tinubu begins to say that he will continue where Buhari stops, it then becomes crazy for anyone to even think of voting for the APC,” Naja`atu Muhammad said.