Nigerian celebrity musicians who are nothing like they appear


Nigerian celebrity musicians who are nothing like they appear: It’s really interesting to be a celebrity. Even if we have never met our favorite celebrities in person, we feel as though we now truly know them when we see them on our televisions, phones, laptops, etc.

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We instantly link Patience Ozokwo with Mama G from a movie, or Osita Iheme and Pawpaw. However, the persona that we perceive of a musician, actress, or anyone else in the public light is typically extremely different from who they are in private.

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Below are Nigerian celebrities singers/musicians whose public persona vary greatly from who they really are.

Don Jazzy

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Nigerian musician drop out

Don Jazzy appears to be the largest Don when you hear his songs and lyrics or watch his music videos. He is actually referred to as Don Baba J for a reason. Even in the music video for Adaobi, Don Jazzy can be seen playingfully and effortlessly toasting the damsel in the video. However, in reality, Don Jazzy has acknowledged that he is a loser and has no idea how to toast girls. Don Jazzy stated in a Kraks interview:

See I cannot toast. If I come to club and see you, I cannot toast you, that one is not happening. If I see you on the street, I cannot toast you, that one is not happening. If I see you in the church, I cannot toast you, that one is not happening. Where else do they used to toast people? If I like you, I just do looku looku. So I don’t really know how to toast.



Falz, a singer from Nigeria, is well known for his upbeat demeanor, contagious music, and gregarious demeanor. But many people would be shocked to learn that Falz is actually a very shy person. Falz stated in a recent interview with the Guardian:

Funnily, I am actually a shy guy. A lot of people find it hard to believe when I say that, but I am actually a shy guy.



Slimcase, a musician most known for his hit song Diet and his loud demeanor, is another one of my favorite head-busters. Because of the lyrics he sings, it is simple to conclude that Slimcase is heavily into drug and alcohol music when you listen to his music and observe his persona. Slimcase is not, in fact. The singer said in a Showtime interview:

I don’t smoke, drink alcohol or do drugs I am only a good actor