Nollywood Actor Tells Mr Ibu To Seek Forgiveness For Allegedly Sleeping With Adopted Daughter


Nollywood actor, Prince Eke, has advised ailing colleague, John Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu, to ask God for forgiveness over an alleged sexual affair with his adopted daughter, Jasmine Chioma Okafor.

It was gathered that earlier this week, an audio recording purportedly of Mr Ibu caused a buzz on social media.

In the recording, a voice alleged to be the actor was heard admitting that he slept with Jasmine before she became sexually involved with his older son from his first wife.

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Mr Ibu was also heard blaming his son for having the audacity to have an affair with a girl he was having a sexual affair with.

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Recall that in February this year, Mr Ibu’s wife, Stella Maris, said that Jasmine is not her husband’s real daughter, insinuating that Jasmine is Ibu’s girlfriend, a claim Ibu and his older sons denied.



Subsequently, while addressing the allegation of asking for funds from donations made for the husband’s health, Stella Maris revealed that Jasmine and one of Mr Ibu’s older sons are married and plan to flee the country with the money.

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However, in a post via Instagram on Thursday,  Prince Eke berated Mr Ibu over the alleged sexual affair, insisting it was wrong to have introduced Jasmine as an adopted daughter to her family and fans.

He wrote: “I honestly do not know the truth in the different version of the story. But if the said adopted daughter was/is actually a side chick that you were having sex with and you had the mind to introduce her to the world and to your family as a daughter, bros you were committing incest and you need to ask God for forgiveness Asap. Family isn’t only biological. There are many tags you should have given her, bestie, family friend, colleague etc but not daughter.

“This life is more spiritual than physical. It’s never a bad thing to adopts someone into your family/life. But bringing someone that your are sexually involved with into your family and tag her adopted daughter is convenience is incest. Maybe, we should deal with the spirituality first who knows.”




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