‘Only Two Women Deserve Your Money In This Life’ – Reno Omokri Counsels Fellow Men


Reno Omokri has advised men on the type of women that deserve their money.


The controversial media personality revealed that only two women deserve their money. He also expressed that the women who deserve their money are their mothers and their wives, who is raising their children.

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The author and dad further expressed that if a man’s mother and his wife are united in praying for his success, then nothing can stop the man from achieving his dreams.

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However, if they unite to pray for his failure, then he is finished. In his message to men, he wrote:



“Only two women deserve your money more than any women on Earth. They are the woman who raised you and the woman who is raising your children.

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Any other woman must never have priority over them no matter how delicious she is in a certain room.


If your mother and your wife are united in praying for your success, nothing can stop you, even if all your enemies unite to pray for your failure.


But if both of them cry to God over your neglect of them, you are finished. No. I take that back. You are not just finished. You are completely, totally and unequivocally finished.”



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