Oyedepo, in one of his sermons posted on YouTube said one might have read all the books he had written but that until one discovered his heartbeat for God, one did not know his secret.


According to him, God knew he loved him, and that all the devils knew he love God and that God proved perpetually and unending that he truly loved him.

“So He manifests himself concerning me at His own time. He does it naturally in all the realms.

“I was in my office and a cobra was found in my wardrobe, the third floor of the building and I worked in that floor seven hours in the previous night and the morning when they were cleaning, there was a cobra and it stood up. It was there all night and I was there,” he recounted.

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Oyedepo said when one becomes a lover of God, the enemy would leave him alone, because every attempt on one’s life would bounce back on him.

He added that everybody desires supernatural intervention in their finances but that there is nothing one earned as wages that would be equal to wealth,  because “it is the blessing of God that makes you rich and he adds no sorrow to it. So, to bring the hand of God to bear on your finances, whatever God says to you to do regarding your finances, do it.”