Popular American conjoined twin gets married (Photos)


Reports have surfaced revealing that Abby Hensel, one-half of the famous conjoined twin duo who gained fame through a reality show, has been secretly married for three years.

Abby Hensel, aged 34 and hailing from Minnesota, tied the knot with nurse and army veteran Josh Bowling in 2021, according to public records obtained by news outlet TODAY.

Abby and Brittany Hensel are widely recognised as America’s most prominent conjoined twins, having garnered attention through their own reality show on TLC.

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Born in 1990, the twins share two heads, two hearts, and two sets of lungs, but possess separate bodies from the waist up.

Remarkably, each twin controls her respective half of the body, allowing for impressive coordination. Despite their unique condition, the twins have led remarkable lives, achieving milestones such as obtaining education degrees and working as fifth-grade teachers.

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News of Abby’s marriage surfaced after a TikTok account under the handle @abbyandbrittanyhensel shared a celebratory clip, and the Facebook account Britt And Abby posted a photo of the couple.

The wedding ceremony, held in 2021, featured Abby adorned in a lace-trimmed sleeveless wedding dress and the groom dressed in a grey suit.


The twins currently reside in Minnesota, their home state, and were raised by a nurse and a carpenter parent.

The Hensel twins are classified as dicephalic parapagus, meaning they are fused side-by-side with two heads. They share numerous organs, including two spines, two hearts, and partially shared nervous systems.

Despite their shared anatomy, they have undergone surgeries to correct medical issues, including the removal of a partly-formed third arm at the age of 12 and corrective procedures for spine curvature and breathing difficulties.

Since captivating global attention in 1996 with appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show and Life Magazine’s cover, the twins have mostly led quiet lives in Minnesota, shying away from media attention until starring in a TLC documentary at the age of 16.

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