Seyi Makinde Must Be Exposed For Who He Is By Femi Adeyeye





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In his usual manner of scoring useless political points, Seyi Makinde joined the protesters today at the Secretariat, under the same pretense that he’s with the workers and the Nigerian people who are protesting the hardship in the country.

The Agodi misfit thought it would be business as usual, but he met another show of resistance, way different from the usual applause he was expecting from his sycophants, many of whom are NLC leaders, who help him and his boss Tinubu to micro-manage protests in the State.


Anyone who knows Makinde can tell how much of a divisive propagandist he is. The same person who supported Tinubu to be President is claiming to be with the people today? To think he won’t be exposed for who he is, must be some mental illness.


This was the same way he joined during the #EndSARS protests yet people were killed in Ojo and a number of protesters were remanded in prison for over 2 years. It took serious revolutionary efforts of Comrades in the TakeItBack movement before they were released.


While stepping out for the protest today, I told the State Chairman of the African Action Congress (AAC), Kayode Babayomi who was to lead other members to the protest, that I feel so reluctant to join an “NLC protest” where the leaders will mobilize members the next day to beg the Governor.

This happened during the last NLC protest in August, 2023.


See link-


I wasn’t wrong afterall.


Sighting him at the protest, his micro-managers who have mobilized others, started cheering him, singing his praises. This got our Comrades infuriated. How do you come out on the streets, lined up like school children waiting for food during break time, just to applaud a member of the ruling class- the sole reason why you are hungry? This was the question on the lips of genuine protesters who were also at the march.


The media-packaged Governor who has done nothing to end hardship can not come and pretend to be with the people. The days of those whole those packaging is gone and Nigerians are wiser than those pep talks.

This is the argument of those of us at

the TakeItBack Movement and Coalition for Revolution. Comrades at the barricade then agreed that he won’t be allowed to speak at the protest to score his cheap political point.


Meetings and discussions after the show of shame where the Governor was disgraced this afternoon have further exposed the antics of the NLC leaders who are his image launderers. They barked at those of us in the TIB, called us names and claimed we had come to steal their show. Protest against hunger? A show? Interesting.


Let those who care to listen, know this for a fact that Nigerians have been pushed to the limit where they won’t be submitting letters during protests anymore. The whole move of tactically bringing people out, just for some “activity” won’t be tolerated moving forward. Any NLC leader who still thinks he can deceive people for personal gains will have themselves to blame in the coming days.


The hunger protests across the country will become wider and won’t hesitate to consume those deceiving the people and micromanaging actions on behalf of their paymasters.


– Femi Adeyeye

Take It Back Movement.



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