Sowore Departs for USA To Reunite With Family after Five Years, Says Struggle Continues


Human rights activist and publisher of SaharaReporters,  Omoyele Sowore has announced that he would be returning to the US after almost five years  in Nigeria.

In a post on X on Friday, Sowore said he was faced with unlawful, unjust and inhuman detention by the corrupt Nigerian political system since August 2019.

His words: ” I was arrested, assaulted, tortured and detained for demanding that Nigerians deserved a nation that they can truly call their own. I was charged with treason – and after 5 years the APC government was forced to withdraw its trumped up charges against me.

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“If the government thought that keeping me detained, and later restricting my movement would break my spirit, and cause me to renounce my commitment to fighting for the downtrodden Nigerian people, they are mistaken. In the last five years, I have been denied the ability to visit my family, missing out on precious moments with my darling wife and wonderful children. I lost my brother to gunmen on Nigeria’s roads. My mother’s health deteriorated, due to the emotional toll of the government’s unrelenting assault on my person.

“My associates have faced arrest, and some imprisonment. I stand today to declare that I am unbowed. My commitment to Nigeria is unshakable. My resolve to continue to fight for the betterment of the Nigerian nation and to demand accountability from her leaders will never be compromised. Everything we said five years ago about the need for a radical restructuring of the Nigerian nation and the need for a revolution in our approach to politics and governance has come to pass.”

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He said corruption has remained high and Nigerians are worse off today than they were five years ago. “Inflation is making it difficult for people to put food on the table. Nigeria’s currency has been devalued by almost 100%. I am under no illusions about what the future holds. I commuted myself to the mission of helping to create a Nigeria that fulfills its promise and realises its potential, over 30 years ago.”

He noted that he had suffered greatly for being committed to a better Nigeria.  ” My family, colleagues, and associates who have stood by me throughout this journey have endured great pain and privations as well.”


For those who wonder what his next steps will be, he said, “I believe now, as I did over 30 years ago when I began this journey, that the vision of creating a just and egalitarian society must be established during my lifetime.

“My trip today to reunite with my children and courageous and supportive wife is only for a short while. I will return to Nigeria to continue my struggle for the total liberation of our people from the shackles of the current corrupt, self serving political class. I will also be returning to face headlong, the remaining truckload of bogus criminal and civil cases that have been thrown at me since my detention in 2019.

“Let me use this opportunity to thank my family, lawyers particularly Femi Falana SAN, colleagues, and fellow revolutionaries at home and abroad who have stood firmly by my side, against all odds.

“Nigeria will be free. Nigerians will see a nation that is free of corruption, that has leaders whose only interest is in uplifting the people and creating an environment where our people can realize their potential. I remain committed to this ideal. It is a commitment that I have dedicated my life to, and my resolve to stay the path and keep on with the fight remains strong!”

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