Tony Elumelu Celebrates Heirs Holdings women, advocates for gender inclusion


Tony Elumelu, renowned Nigerian entrepreneur and philanthropist, celebrated the women of Heirs Holdings, a leading African investment company he founded. 


Elumelu took the opportunity to advocate for gender inclusion and highlight the significant contributions women make in the business world.

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With a strong commitment to empowering women and promoting gender equality, Elumelu’s recognition of the women at Heirs Holdings serves as a testament to his dedication to creating a more inclusive and equitable society.

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From his mother to his wife, sisters, and female colleagues, Elumelu acknowledges the positive impact these women have had on his life.



Elumelu attributes his success as an entrepreneur and leader to the strong female forces in his life, particularly his mother, whose entrepreneurial experience served as his initiation into the world of hard work and success.


As a father of five girls, he also recognises the responsibility of fatherhood and aims to shape his daughters’ futures by demonstrating the possibilities that come with hard work, resilience, and discipline.


In the business realm, Elumelu draws inspiration from the women who have shattered glass ceilings within his companies.

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At Heirs Holdings, 40% of the CEOs are women, and 36% hold executive management positions. Additionally, at UBA Group, 50% of the board members are women, with eight remarkable female CEOs leading Africa’s most formidable financial institution. Elumelu emphasises that the leadership table is open to anyone willing to work hard, regardless of gender.


The Tony Elumelu Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Elumelu’s businesses, further demonstrates his commitment to gender inclusion. Since its inception, the foundation has disbursed USD40 million to support female entrepreneurs across 54 African countries.


Over 650,000 women have received technical support from the foundation, resulting in the creation of over 150,000 jobs on the continent, positively impacting their communities. Elumelu’s dedication to celebrating and empowering women serves as a powerful example for individuals and businesses alike.




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