Transcorp Hotels Plc Unveils Strategic Growth Initiatives, Sustainable Practices for 2024


•Redefines African Hospitality Landscape with Expansion and Strategic Divestments

In a recent virtual conference, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Transcorp Hotels Plc and the Managing Director/CEO, Dupe Olusola, shared the company’s remarkable achievements and future plans.

Transcorp Hotels Plc, a subsidiary of Transnational Corporation Plc, stands as a beacon of hospitality in Africa, redefining luxury experiences and commitment to sustainability.

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As a proud subsidiary of Transnational Corporation Plc, Transcorp Hotels Plc continues to soar as one of Africa’s premier hospitality organizations, setting new standards of luxury and service excellence.

The renowned Transcorp Hilton Abuja stands tall as a testament to this commitment, offering unparalleled hospitality experiences with its 670 rooms, 20 meeting rooms, and 7 restaurants.

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Moreover, Aura by Transcorp Hotels emerged as Africa’s foremost platform for travelers, boasting 4,000 rooms across 88 hotels and 490 apartments.

This innovative platform seamlessly connects guests with unique accommodations and memorable experiences, further solidifying Transcorp Hotels’ position as a leader in the hospitality industry.


Olusola outlined key growth drivers that will propel Transcorp Hotels Plc forward. Emphasizing the importance of digital innovation, operational efficiency, and sustainability, the company aims to maintain its performance and enhance guest experiences in 2024 and beyond.

With a strategic focus on expanding its portfolio and diversifying services, Transcorp Hotels Plc remains poised to reinforce its leadership in Nigeria’s vibrant hospitality sector.

Investors can anticipate further insights into the company’s strategic initiatives at the upcoming Annual General Meeting, where Transcorp Hotels Plc will outline its plans to secure and extend its market leadership.

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In a presentation by the Chief Finance Officer of Transcorp Hotels Plc, Oluwatobiloba Ojediran, announced the significant developments, including expansion and strategic divestment.

She said, “Renowned for its luxurious offerings and culinary excellence cultivated over a decade, Transcorp Hilton Abuja stands tall as one of Sub-Saharan Africa’s largest hotels. Boasting 670 rooms and an array of facilities, the hotel, strategically located in the heart of the Federal Capital Territory, continues to offer guests an unparalleled hospitality and lifestyle experience.”

Meanwhile, Transcorp Hotels Calabar, with its prestigious reputation and 130 rooms, remains a sought-after destination in Calabar and Cross River State. Following the completion of a 100% divestment of Transcorp Hotels Plc’s interest in the property, it now operates independently under new ownership.

In line with its commitment to innovation, Transcorp Hotels Plc introduced Aura, hailed as Africa’s premier platform for connecting travelers with unique accommodations, exceptional cuisine, and unforgettable experiences. Leveraging an asset-light model, Aura not only enhances guest experiences but also provides opportunities for individuals with unoccupied properties or diverse skill sets to generate income as hosts.

With a portfolio comprising 4,000 rooms, 88 hotels, 490 apartments, and over 130 experiences, Transcorp Hotels Plc continues to redefine hospitality across the continent.


Backed by over 30 years of industry experience, the company’s brands stand out individually while collectively reinforcing its status as a leader in African hospitality.

These strategic initiatives underscore Transcorp Hotels Plc’s commitment to innovation, expansion, and delivering shareholder value, solidifying its position as a trailblazer in the ever-evolving landscape of African hospitality.


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