Trinity University Matriculates 380 Scholars, Harps On Personal, Academic Achievement

By Henry Okonkwo
Trinity University (TU) in Lagos State has held its annual Matriculation Ceremony, welcoming 380 first-year students to the prestigious private institution and calling for excellence from youths.
The 6th Matriculation Ceremony and Lecture, which was held on Friday, April 19th, at TU’s Campus in the Sabo-Yaba area of Lagos, marked the official start of the academic odyssey of the matriculants.
During his keynote lecture titled ‘Empowered Living: Unlocking your Potentials’, Mr Adewole Adebise, former MD/CEO of WEMA Bank, urged young people to empower themselves by embracing self-awareness, self-development, and resilience as pillars for building their future.
Adebise described ‘Self-awareness’ as the first step on the journey of empowerment.
He said, “Self-awareness involves recognising and acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses while being guided by your core beliefs and values. You need to take some time to understand your unique abilities and qualities, as they will serve as your compass throughout your academic journey and beyond.
“On self-development, you must constantly strive to develop your skills, especially in areas that you are deficient in. To achieve this, we must set goals. Goal setting is critical. It provides clear targets for growth. And empowers you to actively pursue and achieve your aspirations. Set SMART goals. SMART goals mean Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and time-bound goals. These goals will keep you focused and motivated and show that you are actively engaging in your development. When setting your goals, be specific about what you want to achieve, why it is important to you, and how you plan to achieve it.”
He further tasked the youths to embrace lifelong learning by attending workshops, seminars or reading books beyond the curriculum. “Develop both technical and soft skills such as communication, time management, problem-solving and emotional intelligence. Step outside your comfort zone and embrace challenges that come your way as they foster personal growth. Be open-minded respectful, and embrace the spirit of collaboration and constructive competition.
“Resilience is the last variable of empowered living. It is the ability to bounce back from adversity, adapt to change and thrive in the face of challenges. Build your resilience through adaptability, flexibility, and optimism. Maintain a positive outlook, focus on solutions rather than dwelling on problems and have faith in your ability to overcome adversities.”
Adebise encouraged the matriculants to believe in their potential and remain focused on their academic pursuits. “the world today is full of distractions, physical and virtual. The internet is there, and any of these distractions will become amplified during your time in school. Be very deliberate about how you spend your time each day.
“Also, I want to emphasise the importance of staying close to God. Avoid the temptation to cheat, because you might get away with it, but it always catches up with you behind. Let God guide your significant decisions,” he added.
Also, welcoming the students, TU’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Clement Kolawole, tasked the first-year students and emphasised the importance of academic excellence and the pursuit of knowledge.
“Today, we congratulate the bright young minds that have chosen to continue their educational journey at Trinity University,” Prof Kolawole said.
“These 380 scholars represent the future leaders and innovators who will go on to make meaningful contributions to our society. Our commitment is to provide them with a transformative learning experience that will empower them to reach their full potential.”
During the ceremony, new students took part in the traditional pledge to uphold the institution’s values of integrity, respect, and godliness.

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