Weather experts predict food crisis in West Africa


Weather experts have warned that over 50 million people in West Africa and the Sahel region may experience a food crisis between June and October.


A representative of the Agriculture, Hydrology and Meteorology Research Centre, Abdou Ali, stated this during the seasonal forecasting workshop for the Agro-hydro-climatic characteristics of the rainy season for the Sahelian and Sudanian zones of West Africa, in Abuja on Monday.

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Ali attributed the anticipated food crisis to factors like insecurity, inadequate food production, and a delayed start to the rainy season. He suggested that countries in the regions could mitigate the crisis by reforming their food production systems.

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He noted, “We have many problems in the region – insecurity, bad food production and we are currently not in the rainy seasons.


“We, however, have a tool that assesses the number of people under food crisis. According to the analysis by the Permanent Interstate Committee for Drought Control in the Sahel (CILSS) and its partners, a very large number of people would be in a food crisis in the region from June to October if appropriate measures were not taken.

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“We have made an assessment and for this year, we have a very big number of people that would be affected compared to last year where about 37 million people were affected in the region.


“This year, more than 50 million people will be in food crisis in the region during the upcoming lean season from June to October if appropriate measures are not taken to manage the situations.”

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