10 normal things that are banned in North Korea

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The government controls everything, keeping people apart and on a tight leash.

North Korea, officially known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), is a country shrouded in secrecy.

Run by the Kim family for generations, the government maintains strict control over its citizens’ lives. This control extends to many aspects of everyday life, with even seemingly harmless activities being banned or heavily restricted.

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Here are ten such examples and the reasons behind these restrictions:

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Internet access is restricted in North Korea [Techbooth]


Imagine a world without Google, social media, or even online news. In North Korea, access to the global internet is tightly controlled by the government. Citizens have access to a heavily censored internal network, but connecting to the outside world is strictly prohibited. The government fears the spread of information that might challenge its authority.

South Korean media is banned [WilsonCenter]

Korea maintains a tense relationship with its southern neighbour, South Korea. As a result, all forms of South Korean media, including movies, music, and TV shows, are banned. The government worries that exposure to South Korean culture could weaken its control and spark ideas of unification.

North Koreans don’t have the freedom to travel freely within their own country, let alone abroad. Internal movement is restricted, and citizens need permits to travel between cities. Leaving the country is nearly impossible for ordinary citizens. The government fears defection and the spread of information about life outside North Korea.

While North Korea officially allows for freedom of religion, in reality, it’s heavily restricted. The government promotes a personality cult around the Kim family, and citizens are expected to show absolute loyalty. Religious practices that could compete with this loyalty are discouraged or even banned.

Cellphone is heavily monitored [YouTube]