100 Level UNN Female Student Dies After Being Thrown Down In Hotel

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A 100 Level student  of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) identified as Ifeoma Eze Esther, has died after being reportedly thrown down from a three- story hotel building.

The student was of the Department of Biochemistry.

MySchoolNews  said the SUG Director of Information provided a detailed account of what transpired.

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Ifeoma’s case came up barely one week after the body of another UNN student, Okenyi Favour Oluchukwu,  was found  in a drainage system inside UNN.

According to the Director, the SUG was not immediately informed when the incident occurred. However, upon learning about it, they visited the hotel to investigate.

“Ifeoma didn’t die at the hotel but at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH), where she was rushed immediately after the incident,” the Director stated. He emphasized that the police were involved from the outset and had stationed officers at the hotel to apprehend the culprits, who were subsequently arrested and remain in police custody.

When questioned about the possibility of the student being intentionally pushed, the Director admitted he could not confirm this, as he was not present during the incident. He added that the victim’s roommate had tried to discourage her from accompanying the individuals involved.


It was gathered that Ifeoma had given a false name, “Gift,” when she checked into the hotel. The hotel manager was also arrested for poor documentation.

The Director refuted claims of a cover-up by the hotel management. “Even the parents of the child were present at UNTH and were aware when the arrests were made,” he noted.

According to his account, the hotel’s management acted promptly by rushing the victim to the hospital immediately after the incident.

In a further twist, one of the culprits returned to the hotel early the next morning to retrieve his car, unaware that police officers were monitoring the premises. This led to their apprehension and subsequent detention.

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