11 smart ways to make your man give you money

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When it comes to convincing your man to open his wallet and get you something you desire, there are a variety of strategies that can work.

From leveraging the power of persuasion to making the experience enjoyable for both of you, these tips can help you to get out money from his pocket.

Here are 11 subtle ways to make your man give you money

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One effective strategy to get your man to give you money is to start by giving something small that can leverage reciprocation.

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The reciprocation principle suggests that when you spend a little effort or money on your partner, they’ll be more likely to return the favor.


You can treat him to something he likes, like a meal at his favorite restaurant, and he’ll feel the need to respond to maintain his sense of dominance.

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Sometimes, a little emotional appeal can go a long way. Using your puppy dog eyes and a quivering lower lip, you can melt your man’s heart and make him more willing to fulfill your desires.

Playfully acting like a two-year-old with a touch of whining can be surprisingly effective. It’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease.

Flirting is a great way to get men to open their wallets. Men appreciate it when a woman shows interest and makes the first move.

Gentle flirting, like smiling and small talk, can make them more willing to buy you something, even low-dollar items.

Men like to get credit for playing detective. Leave hints about what you want by forgetting to close browser tabs featuring photos or videos of the item you want to buy.

If Men love to discover things, this technique can be remarkably effective.

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Sometimes, the simplest approach is the most effective. Some men often dislike saying no because it implies they can’t please you.

By asking directly, you tap into their innate desire to provide. Be straightforward about what you want, but be careful not to overuse this technique, as it might make you appear needy.

Also, make sure you ask politely so you don’t come out as demanding or controlling.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and a well-prepared homemade meal can work wonders.

After a satisfying meal, he might be more willing to give you some cash even without you asking.

While he’s eating, subtly mention what you desire, using your puppy dog eyes to reinforce your request.

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Highlight the positives that the purchase will have for him. Explain how the item you want to buy will benefit both of you or make his life more enjoyable.

If it’s a sweater that enhances your figure, remind him how it makes you look even more attractive. If you’re asking for a vacation, emphasize how much fun he would have during the trip

When he sees the value in it for him, he’ll be more inclined to give you the money.

Men usually dislike shopping, and you can use this to your advantage. While in a store, take your time browsing and trying things on.

Keep returning to the items you want, and he’ll be more inclined to expedite the shopping experience by buying what you desire.

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