5 insensitive reactions on social media after a death


Social media has desensitized us to death and tragedy, most people can use anything for clout and engagement.

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This generation is ignorant about handling tragedy and grief. Here’s what you should never do;

Imagine this, you heard your favourite lecturer is dead and you posted the news on your status. What if one of his children hasn’t been told, and someone screenshots your post to sympathize with him on his father’s death? and so you become the one to break the news to close family and friends.

You shouldn’t be the one breaking the news or confirming it except if you were at the scene of the incident and you are trying to contact close family and friends.

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Someone’s death is not gossip or gist, before you post such information make sure it’s 100 % true. Wait for a verified news source.

This is truly a basic rule, you shouldn’t be posting any pictures or videos of their dead bodies. Honour the dead and preserve their memory.

Don’t say things like, ‘why was he/she in such a place?’ or ‘what was he/she doing there?’ Don’t try to blame the dead for their death, it’s insensitive.

Let’s say that certain people are mourning a famous person, don’t make comments about how they didn’t support such a person before their death or how their mourning is ‘fake’ because they don’t know them personally.