8-year-old girl wins $10K scholarship award to study at University of Texas, sets record as youngest winner


An exceptional 8-year-old girl named Jordin Phipps has broken a record at the University of Northern Texas after emerging as the university’s youngest-ever person to its Presidential Excellence Scholarship award.

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Jordin Philpps won the award valued at $10,000 after after a video of her saying her daily motivational mantra went viral and caught the attention of the university administrators.

She was filmed by her mother repeating the motivational phrase she and her classmates say daily at her high school – Watson Technology Center in Garland, Texas, United States. The motivational phrase reads:

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“I will start my day in a positive way! I will be respectful with the words that I say. I will pay attention and I will do my best and I will study hard for every test!”

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“I am smart. I am a leader. Failure is not an option for me. Success is only moments away,” Jordin read in the video.

She was wearing a University of North Texas T-shirt in the video and also added to her speech saying: “I have the attitude of a North Texas Eagle.”

Jordin’s mom, Nichole Smith, who is an Alumnus of the University of Northern Texas posted the video on Facebook and later got contacted by the University. “They contacted me on Wednesday and said they wanted to present her with a scholarship,” Nicole Smith narrated.