97% of poor people won’t make heaven – Nigerian man claims

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A Nigerian man, JJ Charles, has sparked outrage on social media with his controversial statement that “97% of poor people won’t make heaven.”


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Charles made this claim on his Facebook page, stating that poverty corrupts morality and decency, and that it takes a divine human nature to be poor and still have love for humanity.

When asked to explain his statement, Charles wrote: “Most (not all) poor men thinking are bad! Poverty is a disease that corrupts morality and decency. Poverty is a virus that kills love immune system.”

He further explained that poverty can lead people to commit sins they wouldn’t normally commit, using the example of someone who is struggling to make ends meet being offered a large sum of money to commit a crime.

“There’s 95% probability he will accept the offer,” Charles said.


Charles also quoted King David, saying: “Lord, let me not be poor that I sin against you, lest, let me not be rich that I may forget you.” He concluded that “Poverty is the root of all sins.”


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