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Blood-Stained Flag: Former lawmaker condemns Chiamaka’s adversaries

A former lawmaker in the  Kogi State House of Assembly,  Funso Asagun, has condemned threats against the model who protested with blood stained flag of Nigeria in Moscow.
The Nigerian model, Chiamaka Udeh, had walked the stage with a bloodstained flag of Nigeria in protest against bloodletting in the country.
Shortly after the beauty pageant, Chiamaka claimed she was being incessantly threatened by some people.
At a weekly Facebook interactive forum, PEOPLE’S ARENA, some participants gave the model protester a pass mark saying she deserved commendation and not threats  for being bold enough to attract the outside world to the indiscriminate killings going on in Nigeria.
Asagun, who was the special guest on the state-of-the-nation forum,  said Chiamaka has no case to answer, even if she comes to Nigeria.
He said engaging her in any form of legal action would amount to infringement on her fundamental  rights.
Chiamaka had told a reporter after the beauty contest,  “I have received a lot of insults but it’s okay. People who got the message got it. For those who didn’t, it’s not on me. It was never my intention to tarnish the image of Nigeria.  It was me creating an awareness that we need help.”
 Asagun, though in support of the model’s protest, frowned on the choice of venue.
However, Hon Femi Falana, a former governorship candidate in Ogun State, stated that protesting at such events was not new.

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“I support her actions in line with popular actions towards demonstrating grievances around the world. It is not the first time that animal rights protesters around the world made similar protests at fashion parades with blood stained furs against the fur trade. What she has done is not dissimilar. Besides it is a peaceful protest.”

Also supporting Chiamaka was a senior journalist, Mr Dele Fanimo. He asked the question: “Can you beat a child and still prevent the child from crying?”
He added: “It’s a global village we’re in now. There’s nothing happening in Nigeria that is not known in any part of the universe.  That lady was only crying to the world to help us stop mass killing in Nigeria.
As a parting shot,  Asagun urged the Buhari administration to pull its weight and not play politics with vital issues.


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