Bode George faults Wike for early acceptance of Tinubu’s administration

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Former deputy national chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Olabode George, has criticized Nyesom Wike, the former governor of Rivers State, for joining President Bola Tinubu’s administration without waiting for the party’s court case challenging Tinubu’s victory to be decided in the Supreme Court.


Wike was appointed as the Minister of Federal Capital Territory (FCT) by President Tinubu after losing the PDP’s presidential ticket and disagreeing with party leaders.

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Speaking at his office in Ikoyi, Lagos State, George stated that the decision for PDP members to join Tinubu’s administration should have been made by the party.


He also suggested that Wike should have managed the invitation from Tinubu better and that his decision to join the administration was premature.


George acknowledged that Wike has the potential to be an exceptional man but advised him to handle such situations more appropriately.

According to him, “The way Wike managed the issue is not the proper way; it is advice to him because he can be a very, very exceptionally good man.

“The essence of having elders is that no matter the new clothes you have, you cannot have as many rags as an old man. The electoral process is not over until before we get to the Supreme Court

“Jumping ship early can be dangerous because if you don’t have the proper distance information and the other ship sink, you are going to the bottom of the sea.

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“When Baba came in 1999 after everything had been settled, he said he wanted nomination from other parties.

“I remember it was Vicent Ogbulafor, I can’t remember the other person that came to join Baba government, it is not bad but let’s finish the court process.

“The party can decide who would join the government because it would make a lot of sense. It would make sense to have a government of national unity, but you talk to the political party for respect and super Management”.


Speaking further, he said the party should always remain supreme in every matter, noting that he was optimistic that the PDP would resolve the internal crisis which affected its chances in the 2023 polls.


“The party is supreme than the private enterprise of any individual.


“Maybe out of anger because of the things, that have happened in the past, some of us have more grouse against the system.

“We are still coming to resolve the issue in our party that led us to where we are today

“Some people suddenly decided that they own the party, hidjacked the party and refused to listen”.

Speaking further, the PDP chieftain stressed that the Tinubu’s administration was not moving right, stressing that the administration had appointed wrong people to managed the economy with wrong policies.

He lamented the exchange rate, noting that the decision to float the naira was a wrong policy by President Tinubu, while further pointing out that the policy was hurting manufacturers and discouraging investors in the country.


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