Breaking Down the Reactions to the 2023 Presidential Election Amongst Different Groups


The results of the 2023 presidential election are in, winners declared by INEC and as usual, people’s responses to the result differ.

Here are five different personality types and how they may react to the news:

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1. The Jubilant Supporter

The excited supporter is overjoyed that their candidate won the election. The triumph feels like the conclusion of all their effort, even if they may have been campaigning and supporting their candidate for months. They probably will celebrate with friends, family, and other supporters, and they probably will post about their joy on social media. The election’s outcome is a confirmation of their ideals and views in their eyes.

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2. The Disillusioned Voter

The disenchanted voter is one who is unhappy with the outcome of the election. They could have backed a losing candidate or believed that none of the contenders shared their interests or beliefs. They can think that outside influences influenced, manipulated, or corrupted the election. They could be expressing their annoyance on social media or avoiding political discussion entirely.

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3. The Indifferent Citizen

This individual has little interest in politics and may not have even cast a ballot. They could be somewhat aware of the outcome of the election, but they are not likely to feel strongly about it. Until the next election cycle, they could be more preoccupied with their personal selves, pastimes, or interests and less interested in politics.

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4. The Careful Optimist

This individual is optimistic yet cautious about the outcome of the election. They may have voted for the victor, but they understand that governance is difficult and that there would be many obstacles to overcome. They could be expecting that the new leader would be able to unite the nation and handle the critical problems it is now experiencing. They could be keeping a close eye on the transition and seeking for improvements.

5. The Worried Critic

This person has doubts about the victor’s abilities to govern the nation and is critical of them. They could have backed a different candidate or have particular policy grievances with the new administration’s plans. They could be actively monitoring the news for indications of slip-ups or errors, and they might be outspoken in their criticism on social media or in their personal networks. Moreover, they could be actively interested in activism or campaigning to promote change.


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