Don’t be a horrible boss: 5 fitness and wellness tips for entrepreneurs


I know that I write a lot of lifestyle content, and part of lifestyle is fitness and wellness. So I’m here to help you live your best life.

Last week, there was a hashtag trending #Horriblebosses and it occurred to me that a lot of entrepreneurs undergo stress and a lot of pressure from the business, family and so many other factors, and may sometimes lash out at people. So, I’m here to give you tips on how to remain fit and healthy all round.

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I’m also aware that due to the pressure of running a business, most entrepreneurs do not have time to do anything extravagant or time-consuming, so I’ve put together 5 simple tips to stay fit and healthy if you don’t want to be a horrible boss. Lol

1. Diet: Eating healthy is not a task for the faint-hearted, especially in Nigeria and since entrepreneurs might not have so much time to work out, having a healthy diet is very important. Taking a bowl of salad daily is good, if you can’t do that, then take natural fruit juice. One place I know that makes the best juices is FitLife. My favourite juice from them is the immune booster; it instantly makes me feel refreshed. They also have the detox juice, which helps to cleanse the system. So what you can do weekly is to stock up on fresh juice and just take a bottle or two along with you to work daily.

2. Work out: I know this would not be easy, but exercise is really important. No matter how little, it could be just taking a 10 minute walk in the mornings before work, jogging for 10 mins, or doing home exercises. For that, you can watch Chloe Ting on YouTube. She has so many work out routines that would fit into your schedule. You can complete a routine in 10 minutes. Apart from this, try to take the stairs more often; this would help blood flow and keep your body in check. One way to motivate yourself to work out is by getting very good workout outfits and I know a brand that makes the best workout fit; check out md_thebrand on ig. They’ll give you the best.

3. Take a break: I know that it’s difficult to take a break from your baby (your business) but listen to your body. You can pick a day in a week, where you just go somewhere really cool and relax, you can pick 2 hours after work on Wednesday or Tuesday, go to the roof top at black pepper and just enjoy the view. Sometimes you could even rent a shortlet for a few days just to get a change of scenery and I can hook you up with the best shortlets  in Lagos, just reach out to me on ig @simsapartments

4. Drink Water: Water is a very important part of the diet that many people overlook. Little health issues could be resolved by just drinking water. You could get a headache from not drinking enough water and I’m pretty sure entrepreneurs detest having headaches that’ll spoil their day, so I have helped you look up bottles that can inspire you to drink water: @Trimzone on Instagram has the best inspiring water bottles.

5. Practise self-care: It is almost impossible to think of yourself when you’re carrying the weight of so many other people: family, employees, customers, vendors, etc., but always remember that if anything happens to you today, you might not be able to reap the fruits of all you’re working for. One of the ways to take care of yourself is by getting enough sleep; never compromise on sleep. You will notice that any day you go to sleep a bit earlier, you function better, that’s because even the brain needs to rest and that why there’s something called “sleep” try to get enough rest.

In conclusion, I hope with these few points of mine I’ve been able to convince you that running a business is hard and staying healthy and fit helps you to not become a horrible boss. Lol.