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‘Don’t Be Scared Of Anything’ – Gov El-Rufai Charges Colleagues

Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai has called on his fellow Governors not to be scared of whatever may be the fallout of granting financial autonomy to state Houses of Assembly.

This was as he disclosed that an Executive Bill will soon be sent to Kaduna State House of Assembly seeking financial autonomy for the legislature.

He said that the move was to enable the states’ Houses of Assembly to function more effectively and efficiently.

Frank talk Now reports that the Governor spoke on Wednesday at a press conference held on the sidelines of the ongoing 8th edition of the National and State Assembly Service Commissions conference holding in Kaduna.

Our Bill will go to the House on Wednesday and I hope it will passed very quickly so that we can put in place the necessary framework as soon as possible.

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“We must preserve our democracy and work consciously to develop it. And part of that development is granting the legislature financial autonomy,’’ he said.

He stressed that the executive arm of government in Kaduna state had always been supporting the legislature.

Kaduna State House of Assembly will tell you that we have great respect for their financial autonomy and solvency,’’ he said.

El-Rufai said the agitation by states’ Houses of Assembly for financial autonomy was “a welcome development”.

He held that governments must develop the legislature and this could only be done through better funding and sharing of ideas.

The Governor pointed out that the Kaduna conference would enable all states assemblies’ service commissions to brainstorm and proffer better strategies to support the legislature.

“I call on my colleague governors not to be scared of anything but to do what is right and things will work better in the interest of everyone. We are elected to serve the public and not to protect our personal interests,’’ El-Rufai stressed.

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