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Don’t blame us for National Assembly roof leakage, Lawan tells Nigerians

Ala in Taraba and Benue states as the Tiv and Fulani ethnic groups, who have been at loggerheads, have unanimously agreed to embrace peace.

The decision was today arrived at during a joint security meeting between the leadership of the two councils.


“Everyone knows that this place is overdue for rehabilitation. We went to see Mr President and he was gracious and he asked us to meet with FCTA, the owners of the building.

“Myself, the speaker, the late chief of staff and Minister of Finance met to look for money for the rehabilitation of the national assembly. When the N37 billion was approved it was not a national assembly budget, it was an FCDA budget.

“If this place leaks, we are not holding our democracy with the respect it has. We expect the press to inform the people responsibly

“This house is the house of Nigerians. It belongs to Nigerians and it deserves to be rehabilitated.”

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Sabi, who is the Deputy Whip, had earlier said there was no leakage in the chamber but around the premises.

He said, “It was reported that because of that leakage, it delayed our sitting. That also was not correct. The leadership had housekeeping matters and until the leadership enters the chamber, sitting would not begin.

“Thirdly and the most critical, was that the leadership approved N37 billion for the rehabilitation. This is nothing further from the truth.”


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