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Ebonyi PDP Publicity secretary slumps in court (PHOTOS)

The Peoples Democratic Party Publicity Secretary in Ebonyi State, Nwoba Chika Nwoba has slumped in court.

According to reports, Nwoba slumped around 3:12 pm when he was brought to the Magistrate Court 3 inside the Ebonyi Judiciary Headquarters Abakaliki by the Police on Wednesday.

He had been in police detention since Sunday when members of the Ebubeagu Security outfit handed him over after arrest.

Nwoba is being accused of spreading fake news on social media,

The PDP in the State had claimed that he was beaten by Ebubeagu officials who arrested him before the Police rescued and placed him under arrest.

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Nwoba was supposed to be arraigned on Tuesday at the Magistrate Court two, Abakaliki, but police failed after bringing him to court premises the same day.

A security source said the police failed to provide all the needed documents for the arraignment.

But on Wednesday when police finally brought Nwoba who looked very ill after being in their custody for about four days to the court, he collapsed while walking to the courtroom.

The arraignment of Nwoba was supposed to be held by 9 am but he was brought to the court at 3:10 pm.

Though he was rushed back to the police clinic for medical attention, his lawyer, Luke Nkwegu told reporters the police claimed to have been ordered to bring him back to the court and arraign him dead or alive.


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