How Oshoffa Successfully Managed His Large Family of 13 Wives, 53 Children– Son



Olatosho Oshoffa, son of the Founder, Celestial Church of Christ, Worldwide, Bilewu Oshoffa, has revealed how the late spiritual leader managed his 13 wives and 53 children during his lifetime.

The cleric, popularly known as Tosho, is the shepherd of CCC International Headquarters, Ketu, Lagos.

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Tosho, who is the 10th son and the 20th child of the late CCC founder, stated this in an interview with Sunday PUNCH.

He stressed the love among the family members, including the wives and many children while noting that their late father used to tell them, “Never say you are a son or daughter to any of my wives. But tell yourself, you are a son of Oshoffa.”

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Unlike it’s seen in some polygamous families where children see themselves from different mothers, Tosho said his father used the “girdle of love to tie us together. So we don’t see ourselves as children of our various mothers but as children of Oshoffa.”

Tosho stated that the children related well while their father was alive, and even after his demise.


“And that is the same way we related when he (Oshoffa) was still in this world and has been doing after his demise. Even as of today, the remaining Oshoffa wives that were younger to my mother, I still refer to them as my mother, because of the love that our father (Oshoffa) has used to bind us together. So, we all remain one as SBJ Oshoffa children,” he said.

The shepherd of the CCC International Headquarters in the Ketu area of Lagos noted that the multitude of children in the family had never been a problem.

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He said, “We, the children know ourselves, and up till now, I can tell you that we know the number of wives that gave birth to this number of children for my father. So, we know ourselves and relate very well.

“There is one love in the family, no matter how many we are. The number of children is 53, but we are all in one love and one accord.”

Tosho equally quelled the controversy that Oshoffa had more than 53 children, saying, “He left behind 13 wives and 53 children. Many people have said he had 100 children and so on. But no.”


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