How To Make Money On YouTube Without Making Videos


Are you considering starting a YouTube channel that can fetch you money but do not know how to create original videos for your channel? There’s a way out. Basically, there are various ways you can make money from YouTube without making videos. Read the subsequent paragraphs to learn how to make money on YouTube without making videos.

What are the advantages of making money from YouTube?

The main advantage of making money from YouTube is that it can serve as a great way to earn unlimited money. According to some estimates, the best YouTube’s earn as much as $5 for every 1,000 views. Now, imagine you get over 5 million views on every video. You will make a lot of money.

Also, it’s a great way to diversify your income stream. You can keep a full-time job even as a YouTube. This will help you to reach financial freedom as fast as possible and start living a stress-free life.

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How To Make Money On YouTube Without Making Videos

Learning how to make money on YouTube without making videos is easy. To do this, you have to leverage other people’s content. However, you may need to put in the work and ensure that you select only top-quality content. Here is a detailed explanation of the numerous ways you can earn cool cash on YouTube without making videos:

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1. Posting Work From Other YouTube Content Creators

The simplest and most popular way to make cool money on YouTube without creating any videos is to post third-party content. Basically, YouTube allows you to post video content from other YouTube video creators and this strategy is known as aggregation.

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In simple terms, your work is to curate content instead of posting original videos. Doing this saves you a lot of time. Also, it enables you to captivate viewers who are attracted to what you are publishing.

2. Start a Blog

Blogging is another great way to make cash from YouTube without sharing videos. Any time you see a popular blog that has a specific YouTube video embedded in it, the website owner is likely making cash from it.


If you have what it takes, try starting a free blog on WordPress. Thereafter, you can start posting YouTube videos to strengthen your content. Most third-party videos will allow you to use them as long as you reference the original owner of the video.

3. Post Alternative Content

You don’t need to post-conventional videos on YouTube where you have to be in front of the camera. Posting alternative content has become increasingly popular in the past few years. For example, you can choose to post album compilations, audio files, or even post pictures of presentations and slide decks.

If you are a podcaster, you can just upload a recording of any podcast you release to your YouTube channel alongside an attractive background image(s) and earn money through views.

Also, if you own a business, you can simply publish audio presentations using PowerPoint slides while running a YouTube channel that discusses business. If your content is very valuable, you will definitely attract subscribers and build advertising opportunities. Hence, the major work here is creating captivating alternative content that can attract viewers.

4. Become a YouTube Consultant

It is no news that the majority of YouTube content creators are not going to become rich by just earning from YouTube. Most times, content creators give up before they even start earning well because it takes a long time to start warning well on YouTube.

Hence, people now opt for becoming YouTube consultants. If you are skilled with YouTube, you can earn by helping companies and other YouTubers to plan a strategy and optimize their content.

You can start by advertising your skill on different work platforms and even social media platforms. You should be able to get clients by doing this. Of course, you will do the work for a fee. Charge clients based on the complexity of the task they give you.

5. Buy a YouTube Channel

Since there is no laid down rule that says you have to start from scratch, this is another good way to earn cool cash without so much stress. If you have the money, it is not a bad idea to invest it by buying a YouTube channel that already has many subscribers.

Basically, doing this will make your work a lot easier since you already have massive subscribers. However, you must ensure that you keep posting to entertain existing users and attract more users. Legit sites to find YouTube channels for sale include Fameswap and Flippa.

6. Sell Merchandise

Another good idea is to try starting up an e-commerce website on Shopify and align any content you post on YouTube with products like mugs or shirts. For instance, if you can post a video of pets playing then make a t-shirt for the video and sell it to your viewers. Basically, this enables you to make money from both YouTube and your viewers.

7. Register for Nielsen

Nielsen is a prominent market research organization that pays people $50 annually to share data about how much they use the internet. It’s that simple. Basically, this company allows you to make cool cash by just watching videos and giving them access to your viewing habits and history.

This site is secure and would not breach your privacy. Also, you don’t need to do anything except watch the internet and browse content.

8. Become a YouTube Influencer

Influencing has become the latest way to make money off social media and you can also apply this on YouTube. A digital marketing agency, WebFX stated the following figures as an estimate of the amount you can expect to earn as a YouTube influencer:

  • $20,000 for each video for a YouTube creator with one million subscribers
  • A sum of $2,000 for each video for a YouTube creator with 100,000 subscribers
  • $200 for each video for a YouTube creator with 10,000 subscribers

The cue to earning more money is to become partners with brands that have products that are valuable to your audiences.

Bottom Line

Learning how to make money on YouTube without making videos is easy as long as you are ready to put in the work. However, you must be very patient because it will take some time to start paying off. In the end, the reward of managing a YouTube channel is definitely worth the stress.

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