How to post 5 minutes videos instead of 30 seconds on WhatsApp and Facebook story


Many at times we found ourselves frustrated because we couldn’t update our status and stories with video of not more than 30 seconds.

As we are all aware that both Facebook and WhatsApp limited the length of videos to share on status and stories.

Let’s delve into the simple tricks on how  to extend your video limits from 30 seconds to 5 minutes on WhatsApp and Facebook story.

The thing to note about this trick is that it doesn’t work with Normal/Official WhatsApp. You need to install MODDED version of WhatsApp like YOWHATSAPP, GBWHATSAPP, FMWHATSAPP, AERO WHATSAPP etc.

If you have any of the modded version of WhatsApp,  navigate to the MOD SETTINGS AS SEEN IN THE PICTURE BELOW:-  Mod WhatsApp options >Homescreen >Status>Enable the 5mins video feature.

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That’s all you need to do to post 5 minutes videos on your WhatsApp story.

Note that only those with the Modded version of WhatsApp can view the complete 5 minutes story.

Now for Facebook,  share the same video from your WhatsApp story to Facebook. That’s all.