How to study in the UK for free and available scholarships


The United Kingdom is one of the most popular destinations for international students. With its top-ranking universities, over 485,000+ international students have made the UK their academic home. There has been a rise of international students coming from India and Nigeria especially to study in the UK.

While the UK is one of the more expensive countries for education, there are universities where international students can get their bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. degrees for less or for free.

Here are some British universities that offer full scholarships to international students.

1. University of Oxford

UK’s premier university offers the following full scholarship programs to international students:

  • Hill Foundation Scholarship – Available to Citizens of Russia
    • Bright Oceans Corporation Scholarship – Available to Chinese Undergraduate Students
    • Palgrave Brown Scholarship – Available to Citizens of Eastern Europe
    • Reach Oxford Scholarship – Available to Students of Any Developing Country
    • Simon and June Li Scholarship – Available to Students from Developing Countries

    2. University of Cambridge

    As one of the UK’s top universities, Cambridge offers full scholarship programs to students of certain nationalities:

    University of Warwick

    Self-funded international undergraduate students at the University of Warwick may apply for the Global Excellence Scholarship. To date, there are 20 slots available for the full scholarship offered by the University of Warwick.

    4. University of St. Andrews

    Study for free by applying for full scholarships offered by the University of St. Andrews. These scholarship programs are offered only to international undergraduates, so make sure to set apart some time to apply for these scholarships.

    • International Excellence Scholarship – Available to Gifted International Applicants
    • Davis United World College Scholarship – Available to Citizens of the United States
      • Bermuda to St. Andrews Scholarship – Available to Students from Bermuda
      • SOCAR Scholarship – Available to Students from Azerbaijan

      5. University of Bristol

      There are many scholarships offered by the University of Bristol, and the most significant scholarship is called Think Big Scholarship, which covers the fees for the entire undergraduate stay at Bristol.

      6. Teesside University

      Students from Commonwealth countries may apply for any of the 3 Commonwealth scholarships This program covers the full tuition fees levied by the Middlesbrough-based institution.

      Scholarships are also available. See below:

    • 1.  University of Adelaide Scholarships

DEADLINE: September 12

For: Bachelor’s, Master’s

Scholarship benefits:  50% reduction of the tuition fee

2.  Singapore Government Scholarships (SINGA Award)
DEADLINE: December 1

For: Master’s

Scholarship benefits: 

Full tuition, monthly stipend, airfare

3.  Monash International Tuition Scholarships
DEADLINE: August 31

For: Master’s, Phd

Scholarship benefits: 

full tuition fees, health coverage.