LASU clamps down on provocative dressing, bars perpetrators from class

Provocative and indecent dressing styles will no longer be tolerated within the campuses and lecture halls of the Lagos State University, LASU, Ojo, the university has said.
The university which emerged best in West Africa for the green environment in 2022 has told its students to dress well or face the music.
The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ibilola Ibiyemi Olatunji-Bello, on Monday directed lecturers in the institution to start screening students before being granted access to lectures.
In a statement released by the new Acting Head of the Centre for Information, Press and Public Relations, Mr. Olaniyi Jeariogbe, the VC was quoted as  “no longer comfortable with the continuous disregard by students for the university’s extant rules and regulations on students’ modes of dressing on campus.”
Some of the students had continuously disregarded the university’s rules and regulations on dress code.
Professor Olatunji-Bello also advised the provosts, deans, heads of departments, and faculty officers to ensure students dress decently within their various colleges, schools, and faculties.
The mode of dressing that was proscribed and highlighted in the circular includes wearing transparent dresses, mini and skimpy dresses, and other clothes revealing sensitive parts of the body.
The students are also prohibited from wearing tattered and dirty jeans with holes or obscene subliminal messages; wearing shirts without buttons; improperly buttoned; rolling of sleeves or flying collar and wearing of face caps or complete covering of face with very dark glasses.”
Others include, “Wearing of tight-fitting apparels; wearing clothes that reveal sensitive parts of the body; wearing shirts and tops with an obscene, obnoxious or seductive inscription; wearing of face caps or complete covering of face (very dark glasses), wearing “baggy, saggy or ass level clothes and any other form of indecent trousers and piercing of body and tattooing.”
While the male students were barred from wearing earrings and necklaces, including plaiting, weaving, or bonding of hair, the female students were cautioned not to wear, “lousy, unkempt, extremely bogus hair or colored artificial hair, brightly tinted hair/eyelashes/brown, fixing of long eyelashes, nails, and artificial dreadlock.”
The university management however noted that any student found violating the dress code on the premises would be sanctioned accordingly.