Maximise Your NYSC: 5 Proven Strategies for Landing Your Dream Job!

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The Place of Primary Assignment (PPA), where corps members are expected to render selfless service for a year introduces the fresh graduates into work environments, and in most cases, these graduates deployed to teach in primary and secondary schools.

While majority of corps members are posted to schools and ministries, a very few of them are sent to organizations where they get proper work experience and good pay for their service.

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To get posted to a PPA that’ll pay you well and give you the work experience you need, here are things you need to do

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Jigawa state NYSC corps members

The most effective channel to getting a good PPA is by working in the Orientation Broadcasting Service (OBS) for the three weeks.


OBS is in charge of tending to sound equipment, dissemination of information and organizing social activities at the camp.

The Corp members who join the OBS often get preferential treatment when it comes to posting to the place of primary assignment.

At NYSC orientation camps, there are three recognized religious organizations – Muslim Corpers Association of Nigeria, the Nigerian Christians Corpers Fellowship and the National Association of Catholic Corpers

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Being an active part of any of these groups could help you get posted to a nice PPA as these religious bodies also send list of corps members to the state coordinator to demand for corps members to be posted to certain PPA of their choice.

NYSC band.

During events like the swearing in and parades, the band provides live entertainment for marching Corp members. Hence, they are usually rewarded for their volunteering by posting them to ‘better’ PPA.

One of the sure ways of getting a good job placement is being part of the Camp’s Medical team. This group is special and helps manage the orientation camp’s clinic.

Due to their discipline, the team members are noted to be posted to primary places of assignments with high salaries.

NYSC corps members on parade ground.

Platoon leaders are Corp members who are in charge of coordinating their fellow Corp members in their groups called platoons. They also organize and supervise the Corp members for various social activities.

They are also considered for consideration first when it is time for posting Corp members to PPA. A lot of them get posted to good establishments especially in the capital city of the state.