Moment Neighbour Shot Dead Dad And Son During Argument Over Noise


Chilling video has shown the moment a crazed neighbour executed a father and his stepson in cold blood in a Brooklyn apartment hallway during an argument over noise Sunday night.

The distressing footage obtained by The Post opens with a man dressed in all black pacing angrily outside his upstairs neighbours’ apartment on the fourth floor of 1418 Brooklyn Ave. in a well-known East Flatbush housing complex where stars Barbra Streisand and Michael K. Williams grew up.

A woman emerges from the apartment and exchanges words with the neighbour, who was identified by cops Tuesday as Jason Pass, 47.

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A short time later, the woman is joined by her son, identified by cops as 27-year-old Chinwai Mode. The video has no audio, so it is unknown what was said during the exchange.

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Moments later, Mode’s stepfather, 47-year-old school bus driver Bladimy Mathurin, marches out of the apartment brandishing a pair of scissors and angrily confronts the neighbour, the video shows.

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His wife tries to drag him away, but the bodybuilder dad of four pushes her back.

At that moment, the verbal dispute takes a harrowing turn when the neighbour in black pulls out a handgun and aims it at Mathurin.


Mathurin spots the gun but waves it off. He turns around and begins walking toward his apartment, at which point the neighbour opens fire and strikes Mathurin, who falls to the floor.

Mode, who was also in the hallway, tries to get away from the gunman, but the neighbour fires multiple shots at him, including at least twice after he had collapsed in a pool of his own blood next to a staircase.

The suspect then returns to Mathurin, who is still alive and struggling to get up, and shoots him execution-style on his own doorstep. The Post has redacted portions of the video because of their graphic nature.

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