My Friend Shut Up! You Are A Very Disrespectful Person – Yul Edochie Slams Arise TV Anchor, Rufai Oseni (Video)


Yul slammed Oseni over his clash with APC chieftain, Jesutega Onokpasa, during a live interview on Monday, October 30.


Jesutega had refused to answer a question posed by Rufai and went on to accuse Rufai of raising his voice at him. He threatened to walk out of the studio and before calling Rufai a liar. Read here.

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In a video posted on his Instagram page today October31, Yul said Rufai was disrespectful in his conduct towards Onokpasa.

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Yul who is pro-Tinubu, said;

‘’Is this not the same Rufai Oseni that was caught driving on BRT lane which is wrong and when he was caught, instead of apologizing and admitting that he was wrong, he was shouting ‘do you know who I am? I am going to call the governor of Lagos state’.



Same Rufai Oseni that is insulting people on National TV all in the name of doing journalism. My friend shut up and sit down’. Shut up and sit down, I am talking to you. You don’t have no right, any moral justification to talk where men, people are talking. You are talking nonsense on national TV.


You are a very disrespectful person, You have no respect for the laws of this country. If somebody like you becomes President, you will wipe out Nigerians.”


The actor further said;


‘’Are you not the same person that was caught driving on BRT lane? You could not even apologize, if not because a video was made. It was when you saw the video, that was when you came on national TV to apologize. If there was no video, what would have happened? This is what you do. Imagine the others we don’t know.


Who taught you journliasm? The first thing they should have taught you is to respect your guest. If you have a guest and you are talking in a particular manner and the guest does not like it, first thing you do is to apologize to that guest, make the guest feel comfortable and then you continue with your question. How can you tell a guest that if the guest is not comfortable, your guest is free to walk out? and you call yourself journalist? Who taught you journalism? Rufai I am talking to you!”


He said that Rufai should deal with the fact that President Tinubu is President of Nigeria.


Watch video Yul shared below:


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