Niger Coup: Church of Nigeria’s Prelate, Ndukuba warns against military intervention

The Archbishop Metropolitan and Primate the Church of Nigeria Most Revd Henry Ndukuba has warned Nigeria against involving itself in any military intervention in Niger.
Niger he said : ” is an extension of North Western Nigeria because historically, a good part of Niger is under the Sokoto Caliphate”.
He warned that any military intervention in Niger would stir the feelings and emotions of muslims which would aggravate the already  bad security situation in Nigeria.
Primate Ndukuba who was delivering his welcome address in the just concluded  14th General Synod of the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion at St Mark’s Anglican Church Nnewichi in Nnewi Diocese noted the incidences of Military Coup in West and Central African countries were a cause of concern saying however diplomatic solution and negotiated settlement should be deployed to solve the political impasse in Niger.
” Our government must not allow the United States of America as well as European Union to use Nigeria to do their dirty job in Niger”. he declared.
Primate Ndukuba advised Nigeria to negotiate to be a member of ‘ BRICS’- the emerging New Economic Bloc saying ” This may be a good alternative to the dominance of America, UK and Europe . But more so, it will open new Economic frontiers for Nigeria and ensure our non- aligned posture as a country”.
He spoke on the current insecurity in Nigeria.  This he said had been a recurring challenge. ” Our people have lost their homes, livelihood, lives and property.  We are constantly under attack in our nation and in some part of our Dioceses, churches have been destroyed, our members are kidnapped and persons are killed violently by sudden attacks by unidentified gunmen”.
Primate Ndukuba regretted the recent attacks in Plateau and Kaduna which he described as very disturbing.
He blamed our leaders for trivializing these killings which he said was fast becoming a norm.
He said there were more than 250 ethnic groups existing in Nigeria that had been cohabiting Peacefully for many centuries.
Primate Ndukuba said  the factors causing this insecurity must be addressed.
This he said would involve identifying and checking the activities of terrorists, the porous National borders and free flow of ammunition and firearms. youth unemployment, drugs and criminality.

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