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Original Composer, Tolu Adelegan Reacts To Controversy Surrounding Trending Song ‘Oniduro Mi’

Evangelist Mrs Toluwalase Adelegan, a gospel artiste has waded into the trending controversy surrounding the popular Christian song, Oniduro Mi.

Recall that Frank Talk Now had reported how TopeAlabi during a vigil in the early hours of June 12 criticised the term “Oniduro” used by fellow gospel singer, Adeyinka Alaseyori.


According to Tope Alabi, the Holy Spirit did not approve of the term “Oniduro” being used to describe God.

She explained that when she tried singing the song, the Holy Spirit cautioned her.

Tope Alabi said: “What kind of song is that? God is not my guarantor, he is more than a guarantor. Although I have tried to correct the singer (who isn’t the original composer) but she got angry. I loved that song but when I tried to sing it the Holy Spirit told me to shut up”.

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This comment from Tope Alabi really provoked a lot of social media users who are gospel lovers and they have reacted to it while some Nigerians lambasted Tope Alabi’s for making such comment.


Reacting to Tope Alabi’s criticisms via her social media page, Sola Allyson said, “I first heard this song years ago from Mama Bola Are at my home-out-of-home, @agape_pground in Akure and I immediately connected with it because, me, I would have been ridiculed and deserted and forgotten! The song helps me express my gratitude in that respect very succinctly.

“I have come to learn that we understand the concept of GOD differently, depending on how we were “given” and how much we are granted to see as we make effort to dig deeper. And that’s why I live my life devoid of divides which different abilities in understanding breed…

“I don’t know much about life. I am still a learner who seeks for my mind to be renewed daily but one of the few things I know dunjúdunjú and dájúdájú in life is that I received the help of a guarantor, an Oníìdúró from The Realms of GOD, The Almighty, at times when it was obvious that generational jànkárìwọ̀ would have stalled me from fulfilling destiny.

Evangelist Yinka Alaseyori on Sunday during an Instagram live repeatedly sang her popular hit song titled ‘Oniduro Mi eseun o’ (my guarantor, I’m grateful).

The popular gospel artiste, Alaseyori also sang other popular songs of Tope Alabi.

While she did not make any direct comments on the viral criticism of Tope Alabi, Alaseyori praised her husband for being a gentleman.

She thanked her fans for their numerous support, stating she has been cautioned not to make comments on the controversy.

She instead praised God with her fans cheering in the comment section.

Solidarising with her, over 5,000 fans on Instagram and over 190,000 followers on Facebook, including prominent celebrities Kate Henshaw, Small Doctor, Ijebu, Klever Jay, other Nollywood entertainers joined the live broadcast.

Alaseyori, who recently celebrated her birthday, also announced she would be holding a birthday praise session on Tuesday.

Fans in the comment section asked Alaseyori to post her account number as a sign of appreciation.

Evangelist Adelegan who is also a gospel artiste while reacting to the development in a video that has gone viral disclosed that she is the original composer of the song, which was part of an album she released about seven years ago.

Frank Talk Now assembled that both Shola Allyson, Tolu Adelegan and Yinka Alaseyori have sung the trending song “ONIDURO MI” at different occasions.

Evangelist Adelegan in his own version of the song explained how God stood for her as a guarantor during tribulations and trials.

She said: “I want to appreciate you all for what happened yesterday and for now that it is still trending.. I assure you, I won’t disappoint you.

“The video of that Oniduro mi will be out soonest.

“I thought before that I want to remix it but now I won’t remix it. I will do it the way I have done it.

“I have sold over 25,000 copies on that Album within that seven years to the glory of God but I want to do the video and I assure that on or before July ending, the video will be out.

“I promise you all that the video will be out, don’t let us rush it.” She added

Adelegan urged worshippers to let Jesus be their guarantor and not seek powers of the world.


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