I’m Not Dead – Real Papa Ajasco, Abiodun Ayoyinka


Comic actor Abiodun Ayoyinka has released a video to clarify that he is not the Papa Ajasco actor that died.

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The 63-year-old released the video on Sunday after media outlets published his pictures in reports on the death of Femi Ogunrombi another actor who played the role of Papa Ajasco in the WAP TV comedy Papa Ajasco & Company.

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“My name is Abiodun Ayoyinka popularly known as Papa Ajasco. I am not dead. I am still alive. And thank you very much my fans out there for your concern. I really appreciate you people,” Ayoyinka said in the video.

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Ogunrombi, who died on Saturday, stood in for Ayoyinka during the latter’s absence from Papa Ajasco & Company.

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The deceased however stepped down from the role when Ayoyinka returned.