Pope Francis condemns Zabamari massacre, prays for Nigeria

Pope Francis hailed "the saints who live next door" during the COVID-19 pandemic, saying doctors and others who are still working are heroes. The pope is seen here celebrating Palm Sunday Mass behind closed doors because of the coronavirus.

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Catholic Pontiff, Pope Francis, yesterday called on God to intervene in the security challenges rocking Nigeria.

The Pope made the call  in his remarks at the end of the Weekly General Audience, streamed live virtually from his library in The Vatican because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Referring to last Saturday’s killing of rice farmers at Zabarmari village in Borno State by Boko Haram, Pope Francis  said: “I want to assure my prayers for Nigeria, where blood has unfortunately been spilled once more in a terrorist attack.”

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He lamented the death of the farm workers, many of whom were beheaded while in their farms.

However, Pope Francis maintained that God still loved each person, including the criminals regardless of their faults.

“May God welcome them in His peace and comfort their families, and convert the hearts of those who commit similar atrocities which gravely offend His name,” the Pope prayed.