POS operators aiding extortion-Police


Mobile money agents aka POS operators have been accused of aiding extortion.

Lagos Police spokesman, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, the presence of POS operators around stations in the State has made the extortion game a lot easier for some recalcitrant police officers

He tweeted: “It has been observed over time that some roving POS operators specialise in hanging around police stations.

“Investigations reveal that their target customers are innocent Nigerians being extorted by some recalcitrant police officers.

“Their presence around the stations has made the extortion game a lot easier.

“While the Force continually purges itself of these bad officers, it has become imperative that the activities of POS operators around police stations be regulated as some of them have been identified to be enablers of extortion.

‘This regulation is in line with our mandate of not just detecting but also preventing crime. To this end, anyone found to have knowingly enabled extortion will be treated as an accomplice.”